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Econceptual Designs specializes in designing and implementing the efficient flow of information with a focus on Information Design.


My mission is to provide the most effective design and development solutions possible for each client’s needs, within their specified timeframe and budget.


Whether it’s Internet, print or interactive based projects, I provide highly functional solutions that engage, educate and entertain users.

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For the past several years, I’ve been immersed in the marketing industry - imparting my skills, arsenal and expertise at several agencies in Atlanta and small businesses across the U.S.


In December of 2009, I obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in Interactive Media Design. My school of choice was The Art Institute of Pittsburgh Online where I graduated with a 3.9 G.P.A.


My arsenal includes Information Design, Content Management, Quality Assurance, Marketing, Project Coordinaton, Copywriting, Analytics/Reporting & Account Management.


My skills include MS Office, Adobe CC/CS, Salesforce, WordPress, CheetahMail, TextPattern, Google Analytics, Advantage, ProofHQ, HTML/CSS, Hootsuite, HubSpot & EduConverse.

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Recent Blog Posts

Six Seriously Annoying Web Design Practices 2015

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We have all perused the Web and become frustrated or annoyed by some of the design choices that we’ve had to endure. We also know that people love to follow trends and there’s nothing wrong with that – as long as the trend you’re following is a good one that promotes usability.

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Non-Profit E-Marketing: Outfitting a Better First Impression

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Most of us know that you should use tables to build emails, design above the fold and for mobile, and the width of the email should be somewhere around 600 pixels. I tend to think of an email like a first impression.

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The Framework of Wireframing

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Wireframes are skeletal blueprints or schematics of a page. They generally depict page layouts and establish how navigational and interface elements work together. They can range from simple sketches to high quality artwork.

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IA Seminars and the People Who Love Them

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Since it’ll be a couple of years before I pursue my Master’s degree, I’ve been trying to find cost-efficient ways to learn more about IA. As a result, I’ve come across several 2012 IA seminars that may help in doing so…

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Identity Crisis: Losing Myself on Facebook

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What’s interesting about the Facebook phenomena is that the social media site continues to be so popular in spite of the fact that its site navigation and IA seems overly complicated and can be confusing at times…

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To Bing or Not to Bing

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While I would love to compare Bing to other search engines, this article isn’t a comparison of Bing to Google, Yahoo, or any other search engine nor does it serve to endorse Bing or deter users from using it. It’s simply my take on Bing, Microsoft’s new decision engine…

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Colleges Offering HCI Online Master’s Degrees

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One of the criteria that I think an Information Architect should have in their arsenal is having a Master of Science Degree in Human Computer Interaction. Pursuing your Master’s online definitely complements the busy lifestyle of working professionals since you can learn at your own convenience…

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Progressive Degradation?

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For the longest time I have heard of designers trying to move us into an era where interactive design focuses on the content rather than the medium that it is displayed on. This movement is referred to as Progressive Enhancement…

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