eCourses: a Convenient Way to Learn On the Go

eCourses: a Convenient Way to Learn On the Go

Ericka Harshaw
Education Practices

What’s an eCourse?

As a digital marketing professional, it’s absolutely vital to stay up-to-date with the latest digital trends and continue to revamp your skill set.

While social media is a great resource for filtering and delivering content, you still have to take the time to actually complete a course, webinar, or educational tool. After working 40 hours a week, who has the time to finish a 10-hour course, let alone remember to do so?

So, recently I revisited the idea of a little something known as eCourses. The concept is pretty simple. An eCourse is course material delivered straight to your inbox every week or so.


Why eCourses?

Below are some of the benefits for users.

  • An eCourse trains you to be on the lookout and open your emails, so it effectively serves as a reminder.
  • Since the curriculum is released over time, content is more digestible and actionable.
  • Because content is delivered straight to your inbox, you don’t have to log in to a platform or remember to do so.
  • Since eCourses are delivered via email, it’s pretty likely that each email will be adjusted and updated based on performance, which ensures that you will always get the most effective content to date.
  • Because lessons are delivered via email, they can easily be forwarded and shared with friends.
  • eCourses allow you to build a relationship with the course provider since they are consistently providing value over time.

What’s my Fav eCourses?

Over the past few months, I’ve had the pleasure of taking several eCourses. Here’s a breakdown of two of them.

InVision Principles of UX Design eCourse

Overall this is a pretty effective eCourse. The landing page briefly explains the curriculum, lists the chapters you’ll explore, and asks for your email address to get started. It also highlights the author which adds credibility.

InVision Landing Page


One of the things I like about this eCourse is that each email’s subject line is appropriately labeled with the chapter number (e.g. Chapter 1 of 9) so you instantly know how far along you are in the course.

They also do a great job of using headings, images, animated gifs, bullets, and paragraphs to break up content and keep you engaged.

InVision Email

An interesting tidbit is that they disperse tweetable text throughout their emails which definitely helps to encourage sharing. And generally speaking, each email is an entertaining read.



My only negative is that it would be nice if they linked to more outside resources. I realize that’s tricky to some degree because you don’t want to distract people from reading the email.

A compromise might be to add additional resources at the end of the email. Regardless of where the resources are located, they would help to increase engagement and CTR.


Campaign Monitor eMarketing eCourse

Campaign Monitor’s eCourse goes in a slightly different direction. Their landing page is really simple. It briefly explains the content you’ll get and includes a form to sign up.

Campaign Monitor Landing Page

Their emails are very short, basically giving you a teaser of the content, and concludes with a button linking you to an article with more information.

Campaign Monitor Email


Both the emails and articles do a nice job of using headings, buttons, bullets, images, and paragraphs to break up content and keep you engaged.

Since the main course content is on webpages, this means you can directly embed videos and audio on the page. While Campaign Monitor didn’t always capitalize on this, using webpages creates more possibilities for interactivity and engagement.

After you’ve finished the course, you get a thank you email with an upsell to create an account. Even though I didn’t take the bait, upsells in general are pretty effective.

Campaign Monitor Thx Email


One of my biggest pet peeves is that after I signed up for the course, the name of it never appeared again until the thank you email. What’s this course again? Also, since the course material is actually on a webpage, does it technically count as an eCourse?



eCourses are a pretty convenient way to learn. You can get curriculum delivered straight to your inbox making it easy to learn while on the go.


Want to Create Your Own eCourse?

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